• Turn your iPhone into an EMV Chip & PIN secure mobility
    payment solution
  • Develop revenue through card acceptance
  • Enhance cash flow by reducing your Days Sales Outstanding
  • Prevent the risk of non-payment or fraud

How does it work?

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A powerful new generation Point Of Sale
designed for mobility business.

By combining an iPhone with an iSMP,
Ingenico is inventing a unique Smart Mobile POS

Combination of an iPhone…
A revolutionary Apple device

  • Massively distributed since 2007
  • High-class design & brand image
  • Light weight (140grs) & pocket-sized
  • Exceptionally user-friendly touchscreen and user interface
  • iOS platform offering endless software development perspectives
  • Optimal connectivity to your back office

… and iSMP, Ingenico Smartphone Mobility Payment …

  • Easy iPhone insertion and extraction
  • Highly secure Ingenico payment platform, plug & play with
    its existing worldwide portfolio of payment applications
  • EMV Chip & PIN, magstripe and contactless payment
  • Light weight (216grs) & pocket-sized for mobility
  • Robust casing also protecting the iPhone
  • Long lasting battery life offering over one day of autonomy
  • Optional 1D/ 2D barcode reader if required
  • Smart interface between the iSMP, the payment app and iOS,
    enabling a perfect integration with the business app.

Business and Payment app

Boost your productivity with a tailored mobility
business application

A powerful iOS based application enabling you to :

  • Check a tour itinerary
  • Optimize meetings with your clients
  • Know your clients' backgrounds
  • Take an order
  • Make a sale
  • Determine stock status
  • Access product information or documents
  • Offer additional services
  • Manage a loyalty program
  • Draw up invoices and carry out e-invoicing
  • Know total to date sales

Enable card payment wherever your customers are…. and simplify your business process with a complete sales cycle on the move

  • Enable fast payment at the point of purchase wherever
    your customers are
  • Accept any kind of card payment, EMV Chip & PIN,
    magstripe, contactless.
  • Securely interface the transaction in real time to your payment infrastructure.
  • Develop an electronic payment utilization rate

Flexible Integration

The Libertibusiness by iSMP can be implemented in very different ways depending on your needs, objectives and constraints.

Libertibusiness is designed in a very flexible way to be able to match all kind of integration models required for individual or fleets of mobile merchants. For a better time to market Ingenico can provide a complete future proof solution designed for fleets of merchants with centralized payment & transaction management, P2P encryption, estate management and real time reporting.

Estate management

  • A single centralized view of your terminal base.
  • Monitor terminal availability, quality of service and
    fraudulent behavior.
  • Perform software updates and roll out new applications
  • Modify parameters & download content.

Each one of these Ingenico solutions named IngEstate, e-Portal, Axis  & On-Guard answers your needs from a business, financial, security and technical approach. Operating together, these items are the basis of your mobility payment strategy.

Mobility for mobile business

Ingenico frees customers and merchants from time and space constraints by transforming any place into a point of sale

Today's marketplace is causing the merchant-customer relationship to evolve. No longer limited to the four walls of the traditional point of sale, merchants are becoming increasingly mobile . This new way of doing business means technology has to adapt – mobility solutions are a must.

Easily combining business applications with secure payment is key to targeting this segment. With the increasing number of mobile solutions (Smartphones, PDAs, tablets…), more and more merchants are using their devices as a business assistant. Ingenico goes one step further and transforms these devices into a real mobile POS combining a full set of business features with EMV Chip & PIN card payment acceptance.

Mobility solutions :

A full range of mobile POS

  • • A full range of mobile POS which cover all business application   and payment need
  • • Accept all kinds of card payment
  • • Designed for mobility : compact, secured, full connectivity and   long-life battery

A broad range of associated services

  • • Application can be interfaced with a host
  • • Scalable portfolio of services to help both individual and fleets of   mobile merchants to manage their payment transactions and   deployed solutions.

Benefits for merchants:

  • • Professionalize activity with a dedicated business application
       & secure card payment acceptance
  • • Increase productivity by reducing time spent on paperwork
  • • Improve order accuracy
  • • Bring freedom to customers by accepting all means of payment
  • • Develop new services thanks to card acceptance
  • • Improve your cash flow by reducing your days sales outstanding
  • • Reduce the uncertainty of others payment means

Benefits for Banks & Payment Services Providers

  • • Address new untapped markets with a tailored offer for mobile   merchants
  • • Strengthen positioning by enriching your portfolio
  • • Move up the value chain by offering business applications   services alongside your traditional payment business
  • • Easily integrate mobile merchants' offering with your existing   payment infrastructure to optimize cost management and improve   time to market